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Ballooning is not dangerous! However, the necessary parameters such as the weather and the condition of the materials must be correct.

Permit from the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation (BAZL)

As already mentioned Take-Off Balloon AG has a permit from the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation (BAZL) for commercial balloon flights. The pre-requisite conditions for this permit are very strict safety and organisational regulations as well as very high insurance cover.

Our pilots have all been with us for a long time and are very experienced with hot air balloons and other aircraft types. It is thanks to their experience that we are able to exploit all the facets of ballooning in the best possible way.

Our passenger flights only take place in perfect weather conditions. We have absolutely no financial pressure that would cause us to also execute a flight in unsettled weather. We prefer to postpone a flight in error than incur a risk.

If we are in doubt, we do not take off

We absolutely adhere to the aviation motto: If we are in doubt, we do not take off.

We therefore ask for our guests’ understanding if we have to postpone a flight in what is “apparently” good weather.



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