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Ballontaufe Take-Off Balloon AG und Tête de Moine

Ballonfahrt Take-Off Balloon AG & SoloTech 2020

Ballonfahrt von 13.06.2020

Take-Off Mai 2020

Christoph Meyer - Fliegen aus Leidenschaft

Ballonfahrt mit Take-Off Balloon AG

Take-Off Panoramafahrt Bern

Take-Off Balloonmeeting Barcelona

Take-Off Château d'Oex

Take-Off Medienfahrt / Vol d'inauguration

Landuf Landab Sendung Region Jura

Christoph Meyer Kart 1984

Bieler Big Bang 2015: Aus der Perspektive von Kunstflieger Christoph Meyer

Ultramagic Eclipse Experience Argentina 2019

Ultramagic Balloon Experience Madagascar 2016

Ultramagic Balloon Experience Kilimanjaro 2011

Ultramagic Balloons - General Overview of the Company

Advertising balloons

Advertising balloons

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I would like to organise a business trip or a private flight

Aerobatic flights

Aerobatic flights

I would like to experience thrills upside down in the clouds