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A hot air balloon is an original medium for publicising the name of company or a new product.

Marketing Strategy

A balloon can play a range of roles in your marketing strategy. Not only can it convey the image of your company into the sky, but it can also be used to transport your best customers, dealers or employees on an unforgettable journey to celebrate a special company event.

A beautiful balloon envelope arouses curiosity and the empathy of the participants and spectators left behind on the ground. As an advertising medium a hot air balloon offers a higher emotional value than every other advertising medium.

Numerous possibilities

Since spring 2010 we have created over 100 advertising balloons for our customers or for ourselves.  Thanks to our close collaboration with the hot air balloon manufacturer, Ultramagic Catalunya, we are able to offer you a very innovative design or even special shapes.

We will be pleased to create a concept for your company and we can organise the entire management of the flights on-board your new advertising medium. Just contact us for a no-obligation quotation.

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Advertising balloons

Advertising balloons

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Aerobatic flights

Aerobatic flights

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